🚩Our Culture, Our Memories


Another most anticipated internal big event that organized by IMAKSI🙌 And it’s really getting closer!
As we all know Accounting Week terdiri dari 2 rangakaian acara yaitu Accounting Sport & Fun (ASF) dan Accounting Graduation’. Ada apa aja? Ngapain aja? ⬇⬇⬇

             “Play Fun, Fair Play”
Merupakan ajang penyaluran minat dan bakat warga IMAKSI dalam bidang seni dan olahraga. Berikut adalah bidang yg diperlombakan:

▪ Traditional Games

▪ Badminton

▪ Volley

▪ Basket

▪ Futsal

▪ Chess

▪ Acoustic
🔘Will be held on 3-16 December 2016. For registration will be informed soon. Stay tuned!


                “Back to 70s”
Merupakan acara perayaan bagi warga IMAKSI yang telah selesai menyelesaikan studi S1.
🔘Will be held on 17 December 2016 at Regata Hotel, Setiabudhi
So, what have you prepared for all these events? There is still time for you to show the best! Keep prepare, keep your eyes on us! Cause it will be your memorable memories!🎆🎆




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